Kjelbergnes and Florholmen Salmonfishing 

Fish in one of Norway's best salmon rivers:

We offer exclusive salmon fishing at 2000m in Stjørdalselva. The bait is located on both sides of the river and it is rarely fishing against. The bait is fishable on most waterlevels and contains streams of exciting kicks and calmer parts that are best at high water levels

Accommodation in Mastu

You live in Mastu which is one of the houses on the farm Kjelbergnes. Mastu is located about 100 meters from the river on the north side and contains three bedrooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom with shower and toilet. Here there is also access to freezer and there is internet and TV in the house

Down by the river

In the middle of the river we have arranged a space for barbecues and a small cabin that can be used to take a break in the fishing or to warm up a bit during bad weather. This is a place where the salmon often appears

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The border limits for Kjelbergnes / Florholmen farm

June 1, 2018. 115 cm C / R


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